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Background Information   
      For more than two years Super Vista Corp. (SVC) in collaboration with leading cinema equipment designers, digital engineers and optical experts, have worked to bring Super Dimension-70™ (SDS-70™) to reality. The patented Event Motion Picture System, SDS-70™ is now scheduling VIP screenings in the company's 400-seat private theater.

SVC's revolutionary SDS-70™ system presents to today's discerning movie going public a theatrical "High Impact Movie Experience" utilizing advanced 70mm film base digitally controlled technology. This breakthrough process dramatically intensifies the cinema presentation while retaining the "film look" which is at the center of the feature film experience. SVC believes this advanced large format 70mm film system will lead to extended runs of SDS-70™ feature films, enhancing the financial benefits to producers, distributors and exhibitors.

The impending arrival of High Definition Television (HDTV) in homes will necessitate major advancements to the movie going experience because of the competition for the audience HDTV will create. Super Dimension-70™ movies are the answer. SVC makes this possible by delivering high impact, immersively stunning images without costly large format   projection technology or theater construction.

SDS-70™ can with minimal additional costs begin to exhibit feature length movies in mainstream theaters. SDS-70™ is best seen on screens in excess of 50 feet, floor to ceiling, wall to wall and accompanied by 8-channel uncompressed digital sound. This configuration will provide audiences the "E Ticket" of motion picture entertainment.

SDS-70™ projects film at 48 frames per second. This frame rate closely replicates the way we see real life. Each frame is actually presented twice, resulting in an exhibition display of 96 images per second. For films shown in this manner there is no projection flicker or other undesirable film artifacts such as jump, weave, dirt and scratches.

SDS-70™ system is a breakthrough proprietary process for cinematic storytelling. It enhances the production values without interfering with commonly used production tools and techniques. The intensification of the spectator's visual Super Dimension-70™ experience will bring substantially added revenues to the box office. SVC's system is compatible with 24-frame 35mm film exhibition and all ancillary markets, which optimizes its revenue potential.

The movie exhibition industry is highly competitive and faces a declining audience due to the advent of sophisticated home entertainment systems, the Internet and interactive television. A significant improvement in the theatergoers' experience can only result in an increased market share of the entertainment dollar. The exhibition industry is currently considering the deployment of digital video projectors in an attempt to offer a new experience to the theatergoers although the funding for the billions of dollars of digital equipment is not currently available and many technical problems remain. Digital projectors while appearing to offer pictures that are bright and steady in fact are only 25% of the native resolution of a 35mm release print and offer limited visual improvement for the film going public. SVC's SDS-70™ System is ten times the dynamic resolution of conventional 35mm film and three times that of conventional 70mm film.


 Features of the SDS-70™

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