Cutting Edge Cinema Technology for the next generation of Feature Film Production and Exhibition.
Super Dimension-70™ Features
SDS-70™ Is A Patented And Trade Marked Process Employing Advanced Film Based 70mm Technology
SDS-70™ Image Quality Surpasses That Of All Prior Theatrical Film Systems
Feature Film Cinematic Story Telling Can Be Accomplished Using SDS-70™ By The Director
Impressive Action Scenes Can Be Achieved Without The Use Of Special Effects
Certain Previously Released Feature Films Can Be Converted To The SDS-70™ Exhibition System Extending Their Theatrical Film Life
No Costly Theater Construction Is Required To Facilitate SDS-70
The SDS-70™ Projection Equipment Can Fit Into Any Normal Size Projection Booth
SDS-70™ Presentations Deliver High Impact, Immersively Stunning Images That Are Unrivaled In Commercial Cinema Exhibition And Is Accompanied With Eight Channels Of Uncompressed Digital Audio
The Intensified Sense Of Reality Produced By SDS-70™ Allows The Audience To Believe That The Screen Has Disappeared And The Viewer Is Immersed Into The Picture
SDS-70™ Presents More Than Double The Image Information Presented With Conventional Films And Has Almost Four Times The Image Area Of The Standard 35mm Wide Screen Frame
SDS-70™ Projects Images At 48 Frames Per Second. This Frame Rate Closely Replicates The Way We See Real Life
When SDS-70™ Is Projected Each Frame Is Presented Twice, Resulting In An Exhibition Display Of 96 Images Per Second. When Films Are Shown In This Manner There Is No Projection Flicker At Any Illumination Level
The Patented SDS-70™ Projector Incorporates A Rock Steady Movement, There Is No Perceivable Jump Or Weave On The Screen
SDS-70™ Screen Quality Is Significantly Superior To Electronic Cinema
Kodak Estar Prints Can Run For More Than 2000 Passes Without Any Discernable Wear
The SDS-70™ Platter System Provides For More Than 2 Hours And Twenty Minutes Of Un-Interrupted Screening
The Platter Can Accommodate Two Complete SDS-70™ Feature Films
Projection Lamps Of Up To 10kw Can Be Used
Screen Illuminations Are Brighter Than Other Standard 24 Frame Systems, On A Fifty Foot Screen, More Than Thirty Five Foot Lamberts Of Reflective Light Is Possible, Rather Than The Normal 14 Or Less
Aside From Requiring Additional Film Stock Because More Frames Are Exposed, Production Costs Are Basically On Par With Conventional Film Production And Significantly Less Than Imax
Films Produced In SDS-70™ Yield High Resolution Pictures When Converted To Standard Film Formats
Conventional 24 Frame Motion Pictures Can Be Converted For SDS-70™ Projection Allowing For Better Image Quality And Higher Illumination Levels.
Curved Or Flat Screens Can Be Used With A Moderate Radius Being The Preference
Eight Channel Uncompressed Digital Sound Is Incorporated Into The SDS-70™ Presentation Through The Use Of A Double System SMPTE Coded Hard Drive Reproducer.
Standard Definition Or Digital High Definition Video Transfers Can Be Made From SDS-70™ Film Masters.

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