48-frame SDS-70mm systems
Cutting Edge 48-frame Cinema Technology for the next generation of Feature Film Production and Exhibition.
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48-frame 70mm cinema
48-frame movies,
70mm cinema
What is SDS-70?
SDS-70™ is a complete Large Format end-to-end cinema technology.
Film is shot using a 5-perf. 65mm camera at either 48fps. or 24fps., processed according to SVC patented technology, then projected "pin registered" at a display rate of 96 images per second on 70mm film without jump, weave or projection flicker. Exceeds D-Cinema!
SDS-70™ is an advanced film based technology vastly superior to 2K D-Cinema.
Images are brighter, sharper and clearer than any motion picture exhibition system in the history of cinema. There are more than 30 million pixels per frame and a dynamic range never before possible.

Can I Exhibit it?
SDS-70™ is designed to retrofit into existing modern multiplexs with little or no alterations. It is best suited for screen sizes between 50ft. and 80ft. Curved or flat screens can be used.
It is recommended that the screen be as large as the auditorium can accommodate. State of the art eight channel digital sound system is employed.
Now the Picture is as Dynamic as the Sound! You Watch It! You Experience It! You're In It!

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